The Story

Over two hundred years ago, the world ended. The Darkness came: an unknown force that shattered all that was known. A force that fed upon men, that feasted upon all that is alive. Even the Gods had fallen against it. All was lost.

Some of us survived. Deranged. Hopeless. Hollowed out. We had been deprived of our past. Our lives. Our inner light. Mere pockets of a crumbling, forgotten, decrepit civilization.

But then, something unexplained happened: the Darkness ceased its grip, and no one knows why. There is a chance now. A chance, to reclaim what was lost. A chance, to grow and expand against the odds. And thus, there came an awakening. Light and even the Gods are returning. You, you are one of the brave souls who can reclaim the land, to rebuild the future.

Join me.

Join us.

Discover the world of the Awakening.

The Awakening

New tabletop RPG Game


New table-top roleplaying game inspired by the stories, legends, rituals and myths of Slavic world. A game that combines exploration, misticism, combat and development


A world shattered by Darkness, ready to reclaimed by deities and their followers rebuilding
a crumbled civilisation


A quick and easy system that provides just the right amount of crunch for both combat and social encounters


Fast paced and deadly. Easy to learn but hard to master.
A system that provides a deep tactical feel, new choice-based mechanics but without too much complexity


Multiple tools to easily create and develop a memorable character. A simple path of creation including skills and abbilities related to place of birth, upbringing and character focus


A compact set of rules for village development and a campaign system that allows a sandbox approach, multiple story-arcs and „rotating” players



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Triglav Studio

Triglav Studio is a small independent game developer based in the beautiful English county of Dorset in the UK. It was recently established to transform the passion of its members for RPG and table-top games into products that can be enjoyed by all.

We have well over fifty years of experience all together in running and making games  for the enjoyment of our players. We have created Triglav Studio in the belief that now is the time to combine our knowledge and enthusiasm with our experience of working     in other professional fields to make high-quality games.

The name of the studio derives from the Slavic god Triglav, meaning ‘The three-headed one’. As our first product will be based upon Slavic mythology, we took the name Triglav for our studio. Multiple heads are also one of the aspects of Lugus, a Celtic god, pointing to the Celtic past of Dorset, where our studio is located.

We hope that you will enjoy what we create for you. 


coming soon…

Latest News

News 08.06.2020

HelloAs promised, we are beginning our regular updates about The Awakening. We start with someglimpses into the process of designing the world and its monsters, showing what initial difficultieswe had;[…]

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We are still in the land of living

Hello again after long time. We are happy to announce that we are entering the beta stage of our RPG We had some hiccups – in simple words life happened, and[…]

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Designer’s Diary #2 BEES

The buzz was getting louder as they were collecting the bounty of wild bees honey. Thick grey smoke was working so far. Only small number of annoyed bees was flying[…]

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take a look for information pack about The Awakening RPGtake a look for information pack about The Awakening RPG

The Awakening info kit


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