We are still in the land of living

We are still in the land of living

Hello again after long time. 

We are happy to announce that we are entering the beta stage of our RPG

We had some hiccups – in simple words life happened, and as we are a small team this led to unwanted and unplanned delays.

But now our team has grown, and we are back on track.

The Awakening’ is ever so close to the finishing line.

How close, you may ask? Well, very close! We are working hard to finish it as soon as possible, right now preparing the Kickstarter.

You are invited to visit and check our web page where regular updates will appear and also our FB page.

We will share with you some small snippets about what is going on and about how the game works.

We will show you all those extras that make ‘The Awakening’ very special and great entertainment. 

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